Advanced Course

Take the next step and become an Advanced Diver in one weekend on our liveaboard training vessel. You'll feel much more confident finding your way underwater, planning deeper dives and controlling your buoyancy. A large percentage of our divers go on to complete further dive training. Why? The fun, meeting new people, exciting new diving adventures, and all with your instructor along side. Become totally confident in the water. Complete your advanced course now!

Advanced Program

During the Advanced Program you will have the chance to try out 6 different specialties. You will complete one open water training dive per specialty in order to get a better understanding for each specialty area. The specialties may include:

  • boat diving,
  • computer diving,
  • deep diving,
  • drift diving,
  • navigation,
  • night diving,
  • marine identification,
  • perfect buoyancy,
  • search and recovery,
  • underwater naturalist,
  • underwater photography,
  • wreck diving, and others


No Exam. We often say this program packs about 2 years of diving experience into just one weekend. You get to sample 6 different specialty programs as each dive can lead on to a specialty course in that area. Your confidence increases considerably as each new diving environment is explored and carefully supervised by your experienced instructor.


And why is it our most popular program? No exam! 1 weekend! Up to 6 dives!



Course Format

One Weekend out on a Liveaboard (Saturday and Sunday)


Thursday (prior to your course starting) | 6pm - 8pm | BBQ and course briefing.

You will also have the opportunity to pick up any gear required for the course (torches, tank markers, slates) and any hire gear required (tanks, weights, BCD, regs, computer, etc.)


Saturday | 7:30am - 9pm | Day 1.

We will do 3 course dives on the first day including a night dive, with much needed meals provided by our friendly staff between dives. Course dives will be dependant on site selection and conditions. During surface intervals between dives (when you aren't eating) you are free to use your time watching dvds, sleeping, socialising, reading a book, relaxing in the sun, or whatever takes your fancy at the time. 


Sunday | 6am - 5pm | Day 2.

We will do up to 3 course dives on the second day and are usually back at the Marina by 5pm. Once again food will be provided between dives.


Thursday (after the completion of your course) | 7pm - 8pm | Graduation BBQ 

A great weekend finishes with you as a fully licensed advanced scuba diver and we invite you to celebrate with graduation drinks and a BBQ with your newly made diving buddies and friends. The only question left to ask is "Which specialty course should I do first?"





Important Information


  • One weekend air conditioned accomodation on our liveaboard dive vessel including linen and a towel.
  • Up to 6 ocean dives out around the beautiful Moreton Bay Marine Park.
  • All airfills.
  • All refreshments and meals over the weekend.
  • International Certification upon successful completion of the course requirements which will allow you to dive anywhere in the world to a maximum of 30 metres with a buddy.


Not Included: All scuba equipment and snorkelling gear. WH&S recommends that each diver uses their own personal items to reduce the possibility of disease transmission. Snorkelling packages are available to buy at discount rates for students.



  • Minimum age is 15 years.
  • SSI Open Water certification or equivalent.
  • Log book proof that you have dived within the last 12 months. If you have not dived in the last 12 months it is recommended that you take a refresher course. This can be incorporated into your Advanced course.
  • WH&S requires every diver to carry their own visual and audible signalling device. Snorkel Safari Brisbane recommends a safety sausage and dive whistle which are available for purchase ($19.97).
  • At least one dive torch, suitable for night diving.
  • An underwater writing slate and pencil.


Recommended: Dive gloves and a dive knife. Gloves protect you from cuts and scrapes and a dive knife will allow you to cut underwater entanglements such as fishing line.



Transfer and Cancellation Policy

If you transfer or cancel your course dates with more than 14 days notice there is a $50 fee. If you are inside 14 days of your course starting there is a $100 transfer fee. No transfers or cancellations can be made within 7 days as the opportunity to re-sell your place is lost. No refunds are given once course is underway.


Non-completion of the required independent study by the start of the course will result in the transfer of your booking to later date. This will incur a transfer fee of $150.